water treatment

Averting Asia’s Water Crisis

Through high-speed, high-resolution exascale computing, researchers and citizen scientists are tackling water stress across Asia by discovering better ways to treat water and monitor its flow.

science prize for women 2021, li hongying, neni sintawardani

Two From Southeast Asia Win Science Prize for Women 2021

For working to achieve clean water and clean air, Singapore's Dr. Li Hongying and Indonesia's Dr. Neni Sintawardani have won the Underwriters Laboratory-ASEAN-US Science Prize for Women 2021.

Turning Plastic Bottles Into Antibiotic Sponges

Researchers in South Korea have used waste PET bottles to create an adsorbent material for the removal of antibiotics from water.

Nanowires Enhance Water Filter Functions

Chinese researchers have braided nanowires with natural plant fibers to enhance the efficiency of water purification filter paper.

NAE Welcomes Three Scientists From Asia

A director of a pharmaceutical company, a power engineer and a water treatment technologist from Asia are among the members elected to the US’ National Academy of Engineering in 2019.

Singaporean Wins Inaugural WFEO 2018 Young Engineers Competition

Dr. Victor Sim’s winning project involves the use of membrane technology to provide safe and clean water to a town in Myanmar.

Magnets Turn Viruses Into Bacteria-Killers

A team of international scientists has used phage-enhanced nanoparticles to kill bacteria that pollute water treatment systems.

ROBUST Desalination Membrane Resists Biofouling

Researchers have developed a hybrid water purification membrane that can resist the harsh chemicals used for cleaning.

Tiny Technologies, Incredible Impact

From lightweight sports equipment to potable water, here are ten ways that nanotechnology is changing our lives.

Enlisting The Services Of Microbial Communities

Microbes that can break down organic pollutants could play an important role in cleaning the waterways of highly urbanized areas.