water purification

Averting Asia’s Water Crisis

Through high-speed, high-resolution exascale computing, researchers and citizen scientists are tackling water stress across Asia by discovering better ways to treat water and monitor its flow.

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All-women Philippine Team Wins UNESCO Sustainable Engineering Hackathon

WONDERPETS from the Philippines devised a sustainable way to reduce water pollution. We are celebrating their UNESCO hackathon victory today on International Women's Day.

Removing Metals And Microbes From Water

A research group in Hong Kong has invented an inexpensive and efficient nanoporous membrane that can eliminate heavy metals and bacteria in water.

Igniting Innovation—Bashir Ahmad of Liquinex Group

The sharing and co-development of synergistic water purification techniques will help secure the world's supply of clean, drinkable water, says Bashir Ahmad, CEO of Liquinex Group.

Soaking Up Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics In Water

A research group in China has developed a membrane that can remove pharmaceuticals and personal care products from water.

A Radical Way To Purify Water Using Light

Instead of relying on metal-based catalysts to purify water, researchers in China have developed graphitic carbon nitride sheets that do not create secondary pollution.

Sustaining Progress with Sustainability

Innovations in urban solutions and sustainability are essential for Singapore's survival and continued success on the global stage.

Purifying Water With The Power Of The Sun

This photocatalyst is able to completely decompose organic pollutants in wastewater in just 20 minutes.

Nature-Inspired Membrane Could Slash Cost Of Water Purification

By embedding aquaporins into a membrane, researchers have developed a water filtration system that can operate at lower pressure.