waste management

Transforming Food Waste Into Wonder

Creative techniques that repurpose food waste into a range of valuable products are giving even fruit peels and fish scales a new lease on life.

Turning Trash Into Treasure (VIDEO)

Managing director of MINIWIZ, Tan Szue Hann, hopes to promote the circular economy with their mobile recycling plants that bring facilities to right where waste is generated.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Revolution

Lithium-ion battery recycling could help to address the need for more raw materials while keeping toxic battery waste out of landfills.

Tech Doing Good

From cleaning up mountains of untreated sludge to making railway stations fully solar-powered, technology is an ally to those hoping to solve Asia’s environmental problems.

Turning Food Scraps Into Electricity (VIDEO)

Scientists have invented a self-sustaining system that uses microbes to digest food waste, producing electricity, heat and fertilizers in the process.

From Household Trash To Policy Treasure

A new measure of household responsiveness to public information campaigns, co-developed by SMU researchers, could help policy-makers make better decisions.

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In Rubbish Heap

A strain of fungi researchers found in a rubbish heap can break down plastic as it grows.

Plastic Bricks Could Protect Indian Homes From Monsoons

Turning plastic waste into bricks could help to both reduce landfills as well as make homes more rain-resistant.

Exploit Urinals For Cheap Fertilizer, Says Indian Inventor

Recovering nutrients from urine before it is mixed into wastewater could be a cheap and effective way to produce fertilizer.

Virtual Curtain Reduces Mining Sludge

Scientists have developed a method of treating mining waste that reduces sludge production by 90 percent and facilitates the recovery of economically valuable metals.