virtual reality

Five Ways HPC Is Enabling Digital-Based Learning

New interactive and immersive learning methods are entering the education landscape. With high-performance computing at the forefront, education across Asia is experiencing a digital transformation.

You’d Be Able To Smell Your Virtual World Soon

Scientists have developed soft and flexible wearables that recreate a wide range of smells for virtual reality applications.

Nuts & Bolts—The Real Potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Check out these three virtual and augmented reality TechOffers that could soon be in our workplaces and homes.

Phones Are Just The Tip Of The 5G Iceberg

5G is not just an incremental upgrade to existing networks, but a radically new approach to communication.

Taking VR Gaming To The Next Level

A research team in Singapore has developed an interactive, multisensory virtual reality game.

A Walk In The Shoes Of Another—With VR

Researchers in Japan have developed a virtual reality-based system that combines visual stimuli and foot vibrations to replicate the experience of walking.

5 Tech Trends For Infocommunications And Electronics

Keeping up with innovation in the year ahead.

3D Sketching In Thin Air

A research group in South Korea has developed a 3D sketching tool that simplifies the creation of 3D designs.

Tracking Down A Better Vision Test

Singapore-based startup BetaSight wants to turn eye-tracking VR headsets—originally designed for gaming—into medtech devices that can monitor eye and neurological health.

Train In VR To Drive Better In The Real World

Training computers in virtual reality allows them to see better in the real world, too.