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Activating The Heart’s Regenerative Potential

The receptor ERBB2 is both necessary and sufficient to reactivate the heart’s ability to regenerate, study says.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2014

From Nobel Prizes to world firsts and ancient sex to fossilized poo, don't miss any of our top stories from October!

World First: Dead Hearts Give New Life

The ability to use hearts that have stopped beating could substantially increase the number of donor hearts available for transplants.

Mouse Hearts Undergo Pre-Teen Growth Spurt

If replicated in humans, the finding that heart cells have the capacity to divide long after birth could lead to regenerative treatments for heart disease.

The Secret Life Of ‘Tweeting’ Tumors

Researchers have discovered how brain tumors communicate with other cells using the biological equivalent of “tweeting”.

Babies Born With A Curved Spine: Nature And Nurture At Work

Scientists have shed new light on the relationship between hypoxia during pregnancy and congenital birth defects.