Planetary-Scale Cloud Streaks Spotted On Venus

An infrared camera and supercomputer simulations have revealed planet-spanning cloud streaks over the surface of Venus.

Space Probe Spots Venus’ Equatorial Winds

A Japanese satellite has collected data on high-velocity winds at Venus’ equator that could help clarify theories about superrotation.

7 Must-Read Stories In December 2015

From the furthest reaches of space to toxic molecules created by cooking, here's what Asian scientists found out in December 2015.

AKATSUKI Enters Venus’ Orbit, Takes Close Up Photos

JAXA's AKATSUKI has successfully entered Venus' orbit and taken its first few images of the second planet from the Sun.

Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt Observes The Transit Of Venus

Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Brian Schmidt discusses the significance of the transit of Venus, an event which happens only once or twice in one's lifetime.