Milking Deadly Jellyfish For Lifesaving Drugs

Researchers have found a way to make box jellyfish sting on demand, making venom retrieval easier and safer.

Snails Use Insulin In Chemical Warfare Against Fish

Slow moving marine snails use insulin as a fast acting drug against the nervous system of their fish prey, scientists say.

Snail Venom: A Sting In The Tail Of Cancer & Addiction

Cone snail toxins which selectively activate a specific nicotinic acetylcholine receptor could potentially treat lung cancer and nicotine addiction.

Cheap Nasal Spray May Save Snakebite Victims

Scientists are planning for clinical trials in India to test a simple nasal spray that could reduce snakebite fatalities.

Vintage Venoms Lose None Of Their Bite

Venoms, which are a time-capsule of disappearing biodiversity, can be stored for up to 80 years and still remain biologically active.