Circulate Capital And USAID Team Up To Fight Ocean Plastic Pollution

The partnership will incentivize private capital investment in the recycling value chain in South and Southeast Asia.

Blood Proteins Could Help Monitor Malnutrition

Scientists have identified a range of proteins that can aid understanding of malnutrition among the world's poor.

Pakistan’s Education Conundrum

Poor education quality in Pakistan results in only one in three children completing primary school.

PhilDev Awarded USAID Grant To Promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Philippine Development Foundation has received a USAID grant to launch a program called Innovative Development through Entrepreneurship Acceleration.

Mekong Region Facing Six Degree-Warming, Climate Extremes

Temperatures in South-East Asia's Lower Mekong Basin are set to rise by up to three times the global average temperature increase, according to a USAID-funded study.

UNICEF: Greater Investment In Youth Vital For Asia-Pacific Economic Development

UNICEF and the Asia-Pacific Interagency Group on Youth have called on regional governments to focus on the Asia-Pacific’s 1.1 billion young people.

USAID $30 Million Grant To Protect Nepal’s Forests & Communities

A nearly $30 million USAID grant will underwrite a five-year WWF-Nepal program to protect critical forests and forest dependent communities in Nepal.

Like Marco Polo, World’s Largest Sheep Travels Across Central Asia

Thanks to a non-invasive technique that extracts DNA extracts from fecal samples, researchers have finally managed to pinpoint movements of the once-elusive Marco Polo sheep.

US Announces Science Partnership With Indonesia

The United States government has introduced a program to support and build scientific capacity in Indonesia.

Indonesia Partners US To Fight Tuberculosis

Indonesia and the United States have signed a new partnership on the control of tuberculosis and preventing drug resistance.