urban mobility

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Marcelo Ang

One of Singapore’s robotics pioneers, Professor Marcelo Ang Jr’s research promises to take driverless cars and personal robotic assistants outside the realm of imagination and into the mainstream.

Tech Helping Transport Go The Distance

Technological advances ranging from improved energy storage to artificial intelligence will be key to enabling future mobility solutions.

Connecting The Dots In Urban Mobility Data

SMU Associate Professor Zheng Baihua is developing methods to help researchers explore the many dimensions of urban mobility data.

NTU And Volvo Unveil World’s First Full-Size Self-Driving Bus

The bus is equipped with a range of sensors for autonomous navigation and is managed by a secure artificial intelligence system.

A Deep Dive Into Tech

Asian Scientist Magazine finds out how Dr. Finian Tan—chairman of Vickers Venture Partners and one of Baidu’s earliest backers—brings his technical background and industry knowledge to bear on multimilliondollar investment decisions.

Sustaining Progress with Sustainability

Innovations in urban solutions and sustainability are essential for Singapore's survival and continued success on the global stage.

Room To Grow The Grid

Although both formats have their merits, cul-de-sac-dominated Singapore could benefit from more grid roads like those in New York City, says SMU Associate Professor Hsu Wen-Tai.

Shifting Shared Transportation Into High Gear

SMU Assistant Professor Wang Hai uses mathematical models and big data to unravel the complexities of shared transportation systems.

Singapore’s Serious Smart Mobility Capabilities

The Smart Mobility Test Bed will include 50 vehicles and 35 roadside units throughout NTU Singapore.

Tired Of Rush Hour Traffic? A Machine Could Fix That

A deep reinforcement learning algorithm could optimally plan traffic signals and help to reduce congestion, according to a new study.