urban environments

Ulsan Under Constant Exposure To Toxic Dust

Researchers in South Korea have found that Ulsan is chronically exposed to fine dust containing toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Air Pollution In Asian Cities Worse Than In Europe And The US

Asian drivers are exposed to nine times more air pollution than their American or European counterparts, researchers say.

China & Singapore Strengthen Ties With Joint Research Institute

The four-party agreement will look into sustainable urban development, next-generation electric vehicles and intelligent urban transportation systems, among other research areas.

South Asia’s Quest For More Livable Cities

By deploying new urban transport technologies, South Asian governments can bring relief to over a billion people, says Nalaka Gunawardene.

Change Coagulant To Save Sewers

An extensive survey and sampling campaign pinpoints aluminium sulfate coagulants as the cause of sewage corrosion.