university of the ryukyus

Nutrition-Related Genes Determine Ant Castes

Ants destined to be workers have different levels of genes related to nutrition compared to their reproductive counterparts.

Researcher Discovers New Catfish Parasite Species In His Spare Time

Curiosity killed the cat(fish). A Japanese scientist has discovered a new species of fish parasite from invasive catfish he caught out of curiosity.

Are You Hooked Yet? World’s Oldest Fishhooks Found In Japan

The world’s oldest fishhooks, which were carved from sea snail shells, have just been found in a limestone cave on Okinawa island in Japan.

Decoding Seaweed DNA May Help Strains Withstand Climate Change

The draft genome of the mozuku seaweed may help researchers develop a seaweed variety that thrives in hotter waters, say Japanese scientists.

Vibrating Male Fiddler Crabs Shake It Up For Love

To lure females into their burrows, male fiddler crabs produce vibrations that indicate their suitability as a mate.

Two Unusual Anemones Found In Japan

Unlike other members of the same species, the newly discovered anemone do not have symbiotic, photosynthetic algae.

The Unexamined Diversity Of The Coral Triangle

Previously unstudied museum collections have prompted a re-evaluation of the biodiversity of the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

Caffeine Linked To Improved Blood Flow

The caffeine in a cup of coffee might help your small blood vessels work better, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013.

Record Temperatures Set To Reach Tropics First

Tropical regions near the equator will be the first to experience hotter temperatures that will put a strain on their rich biodiversity, says a study.

Ryukyuan, Ainu People Genetically Similar

The Ryukyuan and the Ainu share similar genetic traits despite living on opposite ends of the Japan Archipelago, a new study has found.