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Women Transforming Science

On this International Women’s Day, Asian Scientist Magazine speaks to six inspiring women in STEM who are leading their fields and have messages for younger women scientists in the region.

Bringing Filipino Scientists Home

One year after the Balik Scientist Law was enacted, we trace how scientists returning to the Philippines are continuing to transform institutions and serve their country.

Saving Project NOAH

The Philippines recently witnessed the near-death and resurgence of its flagship disaster risk reduction and management program. Jo Brianne Briones shares an insider’s perspective.

Asia’s Universities Inching Their Way Up

While Western countries continue to dominate the world ranking of universities, Asia is becoming increasingly visible.

These Shipworms Run On Sulphur

For the first time, researchers have described the sulfur-powered giant shipworms that lurk in the muddy, shallow bays of the Philippines.

Philippine ‘Sponge’ Campaign Warns Smokers About Tar In Cigarettes

Eight provinces across the Philippines today launched a new campaign to warn people about the harms of tar in cigarettes.

Rice Gene Discovery Linked To Larger Roots

A team of scientists in the Philippines has discovered a rice gene that increases plant root growth and phosphorus uptake in nutrient-poor soil.

Seven New Forest Mice Species Found In Luzon, Philippines

A team of Filipino and American biologists recently found seven new species of forest mice endemic to the island of Luzon in the Philippines.