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Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ian Vega

By investigating the gravitational phenomena governing the Universe, Professor Ian Vega and his team are expanding the horizons of physics research in the Philippines.

How Cone Snails Use Sex Pheromones To Lure Prey

By releasing molecules mimicking the pheromones of fire worms, cone snails have found a way to turn their prey's natural sex drive into a lethal weapon.

Extinct Rodents Of Unusual Size Found In Philippine Cave

New fossils suggest that giant cloud rats roamed the Philippines and lived alongside ancient humans for over 60,000 years.

Philippines’ Maya-2 Nanosatellite Takes Flight

The successful launch of the Maya-2 nanosatellite is set to further boost the Philippines' space ambitions and capacity for data-driven agricultural research.

Gay Jane Perez: The Philippines’ Space Whisperer

For helping launch the Philippines’ first microsatellites, Dr. Gay Jane Perez is proof that the sky’s the limit in agricultural innovation.

Fossils Of Ancient Human Species Unearthed In The Philippines

Homo luzonensis lived between 50,000 to 67,000 years ago, says an international team of scientists who uncovered the fossils in the Callao Cave of Northern Philippines.

Asian CubeSats Off To Space

Bhutan, Malaysia and the Philippines have successfully launched their cube satellites into space.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Nathaniel Hermosa II

For optics and photonics researcher Nathaniel Hermosa, light is a tool that can be manipulated to uncover the secrets of the universe.

Twelve Researchers Recognized At Philippines Promising Star Awards 2016

Twelve Philippines-based researchers were recognized for their world-class contributions spanning nine research fields.

Dwarf Rafflesia Flower Found In The Philippines

Scientists have literally stumbled upon a new dwarf species of the giant Rafflesia that is only 9.73 cm in diameter.