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Type 2 Diabetes Linked With Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have established an association between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers.

Osteoporosis To Cost China US$25 Billion By 2035

With over 263 million people over 70 by 2050, China will face an increased burden of osteoporosis.

Reducing Population No Environmental ‘Quick Fix’

Even with stringent fertility restrictions or a catastrophic event, the world population is expected to increase by five to ten billion more people by 2100.

Marine Microbes Are Ocean Travellers

Researchers have shown for the first time the impact of ocean currents on the distribution and abundance of marine micro-organisms.

80 Percent Of Malaysian Borneo Degraded By Logging

A new satellite imaging system has determined that more than 80% of tropical forests in Malaysian Borneo have been impacted by logging.

10 Genetic Variants Linked To Increased Risk Of Allergies

An international team of scientists has identified 10 genetic variants that increase a person’s risk of having allergies.

Dozens Of New Genetic Markers For Cancer Risk Identified But Thousands More Remain

A large international study has identified more than 80 genetic markers for cancer risk, but researchers suggest that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Termites, Ants Dig Up Gold And Mineral Deposits

Scientists have discovered an ingenious way of finding new gold and mineral deposits: by analyzing the nests of ants and termites.

Osteoporosis Risk May Be Written In Our Genes, Study

A major new international study has for the first time shown that the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture is strongly related to gene variation.

Extinction Of Australia’s Prehistoric Giants Coincided With Human Arrival, Study

A new study published in the journal Science suggests that humans may have played a significant role in the extinction of Australia’s prehistoric giant animals.