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What Photosynthesis Looks Like From Space

Scientists have utilized satellite imagery to quantify plant metabolism.

Almost A Million Chinese Died From Preventable Cancers In 2013

Nearly half of cancer deaths in China are attributable to potentially modifiable risk factors such as smoking or alcohol use.

AMD Affects Visual Function Differently Across Ethnicities

Unlike Malays and Chinese, Indians with age-related macular degeneration do not experience as severe a loss in visual function.

To Fight Mild Cognitive Impairment, Flex Those Muscles

Strength training has been shown to be beneficial for people with mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to Alzheimer's disease.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2016

Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine, low-protein diets and a ‘light-stopping’ experiment were popular in October.

Low-Protein, High-Carb Diet Boosts ‘Longevity’ Hormone

Paleo or pale-no? Contrary to popular belief, scientists have found that low-protein and high-carb diets help stimulate a hormone with life-extending and obesity-fighting benefits.

Researchers Crowdsource For Novel Malarial Drugs

Once the domain of IT, researchers have adopted a crowdsourced approach to finding alternatives to artemisinin for malarial treatment.

Scientists Zoom Into Tooth Decay At The Nanoscale

The research has resulted in the first-ever three-dimensional map showing the positions of magnesium ions critical in the tooth decay process.

Massive Exome Study Reveals 7.4 Million Genetic Variants

Using a massive exome sequencing database, researchers have identified millions of genetic variants for further study.

Stem Cell Therapy Marketing Rife In Rich Countries: Study

Advanced economies such as Singapore and Japan are home to stem cell clinics that engage in murky marketing practices, a study shows.