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Make Cloth Masks With At Least Two Layers: Study

Which mask works best? A study filmed people coughing and sneezing to find out.

Why Massive Galaxies Don’t Dance In Crowds

Contrary to previous research, the spin rate of galaxies is actually determined by mass instead of their interactions with neighboring galaxies.

Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

Breastfeeding benefits mums as well as babies, potentially lowering the mother’s risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Perovskite Solar Cell Breaks World Efficiency Record

Researchers in Australia have achieved the highest efficiency rating of 12.1 percent for a 16 cm x 16 cm perovskite photovoltaic cell, which is at least ten times bigger than the current record holder.

Singapore’s Reefs Surprisingly Resilient

Dredging and land reclamation have destroyed Singapore’s reefs, but shallow areas have staged a strong comeback.

UNSW, Tata Consultancy To Jointly Develop Futuristic Tech

The University of New South Wales and Tata Consultancy have agreed to collaborate in the areas of machine learning, virtual reality, robotics, data analytics and cloud computing.

Nanoparticles Shaped Like Rods & Worms Enter Cell Nucleus More Easily

Nanoparticles shaped like rods and worms are most effective at broaching the barrier surrounding the cell nucleus, a study has shown.

Some Immune Receptors Are More Equal Than Others

Although all receptors in a single T-cell are genetically and biochemically identical, they are not functionally identical, according to a study.

Researchers Enhance In Vitro Maturation By Adding Growth Factors

Researchers in Australia have enhanced an existing fertility technique called in-vitro maturation by adding growth factors.

Australian-Chinese Lab To Cut Greenhouse Emissions

The University of New South Wales and Hangzhou Cable Joint Laboratory will be aimed at transforming electricity transmission.