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How Unfussy Eaters Are Saving The World

Thanks to its feeding habits, the oriental latrine fly could just play a major role in food and environmental sustainability.

A Light-Activated Catalyst For Breaking Down BPA

Silver coated nanoparticles wrapped in sheets of graphene could be the secret to preventing BPA contamination, scientists say.

Three Asians Bestowed L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards

Three exceptional women from Asia have been recognized at the 17th annual L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science award.

Nine Asians Awarded 2014 TWAS Prizes

Scientists from China, Taiwan, India and Malaysia have been recognized for their work with the 2014 TWAS Prizes.

Bacteria Could Reduce Fertilizer Use In Sugarcane Production

Scientists have discovered a bacterium that could reduce the use of fertilizer in sugarcane production and improve yields.

Regular Exercise Could Protect Against Ovarian Cancer

Engaging in physical activities, including exercise as a leisure activity, could help protect women against ovarian cancer, finds a new study.

Researchers Identify New Type Of Intestinal Lymphoma

Researchers have identified a new type of deadly intestinal lymphoma that is particularly common in Asia.

It’s In The Genes: East Asians More Likely To Be Resistant To Some Cancer Drugs

A gene variant commonly found in individuals of East Asian descent, but not in African or European people, may be responsible for resistance to targeted cancer drugs used to treat certain types of leukemia and lung cancer.

SHIVA Project To Study Ozone Layer Depletion From Atmospheric Halogen

Malaysia plays host to a European Union backed climate science project, which has the potential to greatly increase our understanding of how the ocean affects the ozone layer.