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Inequitable Access To Greenspaces

Greenspace inequality in the Global South is almost twice that in the Global North, shows a study by researchers from Hong Kong and the United States.

Revolutionizing Medical Imaging Through AI

A new medical imaging approach developed by researchers in Hong Kong can reduce the workload of medical specialists while improving diagnostic efficiency.
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Clearing Cloudy Satellite Signals For Better Earth Imaging

Scientists have devised a novel cloud screening method for satellite imaging, enabling accurate and high-resolution Earth monitoring.

All In The Genes

Precision medicine could reveal the secrets of Asia’s collective DNA without carrying the risks of consumer genetic testing. Here’s how.

Carbon Emissions Skyrocket In Deforested Southeast Asia

As forest clearance shifted to elevated areas in Southeast Asia, stockpiles of carbon have been lost at an accelerated pace in recent years.

Wealth Gap Drives Global Wildlife Trade, Study Says

Wealth inequality is a key driver of global wildlife trade, with higher-income countries being the top consumers of wildlife products.

Conditioning Devices Like Pavlov’s Dogs

By associating light with pressure, the new device opens the doors for technologies that can simultaneously process and store information like the human brain.

Asian Universities Shine In 2021 QS Rankings

As emerging global leaders in higher education, Asian universities show steady progress in the 2021 QS World University and Subject Rankings.

Finding New Uses For Old Leprosy Drugs

The leprosy drug clofazimine can block SARS-CoV-2 replication and even prevent the cytokine storm often seen in COVID-19 patients.

The Case For Restoring Hong Kong’s Oyster Reefs

Oysters aren't just tasty; they're good for the environment too—which is why Hong Kong's conservationists are racing to restore local oyster reefs.