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Mending The Heart With Living Nanogels

By encapsulating stem cells in a nanogel, scientists have managed to repair heart damage in mice and pigs.

Serotonin Linked To Sudden Death In Infants

Scientists in Australia have linked serotonin to sudden infant death syndrome.

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Likelihood Of Dying

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to predict which patients are likely to die within the next five years.

Global Institute For Traditional Chinese Medicine Launched

The Global Institute of Traditional Medicine aims to facilitate a better understanding of traditional Chinese medicine through research.

Using The Common Cold To Tackle HIV

Scientists have used the common cold virus and a DNA-based vaccine to stimulate protection against HIV in the gut and bodily cavities of mice.

As Climate Change Heats Up, Male Crustaceans Get Sexier

A common marine crustacean has shown researchers that it’s all set to beat climate change: the males will get sexier to the females, with a resulting population boom.

Baby Boys More Likely To Be Born Prematurely: Study

A new study has found that boys are much more likely to be born pre-term between 20-24 weeks, with their mothers at greater risk of pregnancy complications.

Natural Progesterone May Help Breast Cancer Treatment: Study

Adding natural or biologically identical forms of progesterone, instead of synthetic forms, to standard breast cancer treatments could prolong life for patients, researchers have found.

Tarantula Venom Provides Clue To Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pain

Spider venom can help researchers identify new pain pathways and develop treatments for irritable bowel syndrome.

Dads-To-Be, Please Take Your Vitamins

A father’s health at the time of conception is directly passed on to future generations—particularly if he is malnourished.