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Fisheries Urged To Prioritize Nutrition Goals

The development of fisheries that are nutrition-sensitive would not only improve production and trade values, but also nutritional outcomes, says a study.

From Field To Fork

Science and technology play an important role in ensuring food security in Asia, says Professor Paul Teng, senior fellow at the Center for Non-Traditional Security Studies in Singapore.

The Race To Save Bananas

Experts predict that at least US$47 million is needed to fight the spread of fungus wilt in bananas.

Southeast Asia “Hotspot” for Emerging Infectious Diseases

With increased urbanization and air travel, Southeast Asia has become a “hotspot” for emerging infectious diseases, experts say.

Student Board Game To Fight Rabies In Southeast Asia

The United Nations is partnering with the University of Sydney to manufacture a board game that educates children in Asia about the risk of rabies.

Chinese Fisheries Catch 12X More Overseas Than Reported, Study

Chinese fishing boats catch about US$11.5 billion worth of fish from beyond their country's own waters each year – and most of it goes unreported, says a new study.

Indonesian Bird Flu Outbreak “Has Only Infected Ducks”

Indonesian health officials have downplayed concerns over a fresh outbreak of avian influenza which has killed some 160,000 reared ducks since September 2012.

Global Debate Grows Over Arsenic Levels In Rice

Following alarming reports about the discovery of high arsenic levels in rice sold in the US market, experts have reassured consumers that rice is safe to eat.

Rice Prices Forecast To Drop, One Year After Thai PM Pledge

Almost one year after Thailand’s government promised farmers a fixed price for their rice harvests, experts are now forecasting a global price drop.

90% Of Natural Disasters In 2011 Took Place In Asia, UN Says

Natural disasters in Asia in 2011 could well prove to be the costliest ever, say experts at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.