Invest In Asia-Pacific’s Children For A Better Tomorrow

Investing in Asia-Pacific’s over one billion children is crucial for the region’s future growth, according to a report by UNICEF.

Children In Poor Nations Slow In Developing Basic Skills

Many children in low- and middle-income countries are not acquiring fast enough the skills that shape later-life health, productivity and well-being, according to a study.

The Gates Foundation In China: Where Funding Healthcare Innovation Is Serious Business

Dr. Ray Yip, country director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in China, shares the triumphs and challenges of working with the Chinese government to provide better public health solutions in China.

India Needs Climate-Resilient Sanitation Tech

India needs to integrate climate-resilient sanitation technologies with relevant national policies, says Girija K. Bharat.

Vietnam’s Foray Into Social Marketing Of Nutrition

The Vietnamese government is using social marketing to change consumer behavior, but unlike private sector marketing, the goal is to benefit consumers rather than the marketer.

Cambodia In First Measles-Rubella Drive

Cambodia has stepped up as the first Asian country to introduce a measles-rubella vaccination campaign.

Blood Proteins Could Help Monitor Malnutrition

Scientists have identified a range of proteins that can aid understanding of malnutrition among the world's poor.

Housework Not Homework For Millions Of Children In Malala’s Pakistan

Several million children in Pakistan are out of school, exploited for their labor, and/or abused, says a new report by an Islamabad-based NGO.

Pressure In Philippines To End Ban On Formula Milk Aid

The infant formula industry is pushing through legislative changes that will allow formula donations in future emergencies.

Philippine Congress Passes Birth Control Bill

The Philippine Congress passed on Monday a controversial birth control bill that will make contraceptives available to the poor.