How Cells Relieve DNA Replication Stress

Scientists in South Korea have identified a mechanism by which mammalian cells prevent DNA replication from stalling due to internal or external stressors.

Cancer Stem Cells Addicted to Methionine, Study Shows

Singapore researchers have discovered that cancer stem cells consume the amino acid methionine much faster than it can be generated, and this vulnerability could be exploited for cancer treatment.

Zai Lab Launches Field Therapy For GBM In Hong Kong

The treatment method, which relies on electric fields to destroy tumors, can now be used to treat patients in Hong Kong diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer.

Microtumor Self-Organization, Demystified

Researchers have developed an inexpensive cell culture platform that allows microtumors to form, thus revealing the unique behavior of cancer cells in vitro.

Wireless Wearable Zaps Tumors With LED Light

Scientists have developed a device that allows photodynamic therapy of cancer to be carried out with light intensities 1,000 fold lower than conventional methods.

US FDA Approves LENVIMA For Unresectable Liver Cancer

Lenvatinib mesylate was shown to improve overall survival in patients with unresectable liver cancer.

A Peptide That Protects Against Liver Cancer

Scientists in Singapore have developed a peptide drug that interferes with a molecular interaction that drives liver cancer progression.

CRISPR Screening Identifies Important Tumor Suppressor Genes

Using gene editing to systematically screen a large number of tumor suppressor genes, researchers in China have identified five genes linked to lung tumor growth.

Targeting Breast Cancer With A ‘Trojan Horse’

By encasing chemotherapy drugs in nanocapsules coated in the membranes of red blood cells, researchers have reduced the toxicity of the treatment in mice.

Forging New Paths In Cancer Diagnostics

HistoIndex is partnering with the University of Malaya and Pathomics Health to roll out an integrative diagnostics platform for the holistic analysis of patient tumor biopsies.