tumor cells

Click To Conserve Breast Tissue

Being able to rapidly and accurately detect the difference between cancerous and non-cancerous breast tissue could be a boon for breast-conserving surgery.

Folding Drugs Into DNA Origami To Kill Tumors

Scientists in China have devised a nanotechnology platform to deliver interfering RNAs and anticancer drugs to tumors.

Double Binding Antibody Modifies Tumor Microenvironment

Researchers have found a dual-binding antibody that enhances the delivery of anti-cancer drugs by ‘normalizing’ tumor blood vessels.

How To Control The Spread Of Breast Cancer Cells

A team of researchers has found that controlling the levels of a type of tumor suppressor could potentially prevent the spread of breast cancer cells.

It Might Make Sense To Treat Melanoma With Antisense Therapy

Antisense oligonucleotides targeting the MDM4 protein have been shown to reduce tumor growth in a mouse model of metastatic melanoma.