Bacteria Inside Nematodes Could Lead To Better TB Treatment

Researchers have extracted a chemical compound, evybactin, from bacteria living inside nematode, that successfully targets TB causing bacteria.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Catherine Ohura

Newly-appointed CEO of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund Ms. Catherine Ohura outlines her plans and priorities for the organization.

Study: Bidi Smoking Costs India US$12 Billion A Year

Bidi smoking cost India US$12.4 billion in ill health and early death in 2017, study shows.

Scientists Say Tuberculosis Care Is Lacking In India

Tuberculosis care in India, where approximately 40 percent of the population is infected, is highly variable and often of poor quality, researchers say.

Tuberculosis Poorly Managed In Rural China

Scientists in China and the US have discovered that tuberculosis management in rural China lags behind the national and international standards.

Detecting TB Using Paper And Smartphones

Scientists in Taiwan have developed a paper-based, smartphone-readable test for the detection of tuberculosis infection.

Nearly Half Of India’s Health Workers Have Latent Tuberculosis

India has one of the world’s highest tuberculosis prevalence rates, which has a significant impact on both disease transmission and healthcare delivery.

GHIT Fund Invests Further US$11.4 Million In Malaria And Tuberculosis Research

GHIT Fund is ramping up investments for researchers working on antimalarial and tuberculosis drugs and treatments.

Children To Get Their Own Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs

Several countries in Southeast Asia are now preparing for the rollout of the newly-formulated drugs, with the Philippines as one of the early adopters.

There Are Way More TB Cases In India Than Estimated: Study

Research suggests that the number of TB cases in India may be twice or thrice current estimates.