The Trouble With Triboelectricity: Lessons From Coffee Mixes

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) researchers are mixing up ways to minimize triboelectricity-induced fouling, a problem that has long plagued powdered food manufacturing.

Generating Electricity With The Flick Of The Wrist

Scientists in China have found a way to produce electricity from slight body movements, such as bending a finger or rotating the wrist.

Generating Electricity, Come Rain Or Come Shine

Researchers have developed a solar cell that can produce energy from sunlight as well as from the motion of raindrops hitting and sliding off its surface.

Paper-Based Power Source Makes The Cut

Inspired by the art of paper-cutting, scientists have designed a light-weight, paper-based device that can harvest and store energy from body movements.

Hearing Aids That Make Use Of Frictional Electricity

This cochlear implant technology is based on triboelectricity, or frictional electricity.

Body-Powered Batteries That Dissolve After Use

These batteries can harvest biomechanical energy from the body and then simply dissolve once no longer needed, reducing the need for surgery.

Making Liquids Stay Right Where You Want Them

Additives and micro-contact printing could be used to reduce friction even in microelectromechanical systems, study says.

Flying The Flag For Wind Energy

Scientists have developed a way to harvest energy from the fluttering motion of a flag-like generator strapped to the roof of a car.