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Igniting Innovation—An Interview With Richard Eu Of Eu Yan Sang International

In a rapid transition from traditional medical halls to numerous international outlets and an online store, embracing innovation has catapulted Eu Yan Sang into a household name in traditional Chinese medicine.

Of Host Plants And Traditional Medicine

Mistletoe’s medicinal quality depends on the environment of its host plant, discover researchers from China and the UK.

Asian Medicinal Plants Contain Anti-Cancer Compounds

The extracts of the leaves of three medicinal plants were found to be promising against seven types of cancers, according to researchers in Singapore.

Rose Myrtle Extract Contains Potent Antimicrobial Compound

Scientists in China have identified an active ingredient in rose myrtle that could be used to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria infections.

How Nutmegs May Protect The Liver

A research group in China has demonstrated that a compound in nutmegs—myrislignan—promotes liver health in mice.

Real Or Fake? Method Confirms Lingzhi Mushrooms In 10 Minutes

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a quick and simple method to authenticate species of mushrooms used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Nanotech Acupuncture Needles For Cancer Treatment

Researchers in South Korea have demonstrated that acupuncture needles with microscopic holes can reduce tumor size in rats.

7 Must-Read Stories In October

Five out of seven of this month’s top stories were from Singapore, including an article on our panel discussion on how to publish well in science.

Aristolochic Acid In Traditional Chinese Medicine Linked To Cancer

A known mutagen associated with kidney and urinary tract cancers, aristolochic acid has now been linked to liver cancers as well.

The Risks Of Consuming Adulterated Chinese Medicine

Scientists in Hong Kong have demonstrated that proprietary Chinese medicines contain a range of substances that can have adverse effects on health.