Detect And Detox At The Same Time

Scientists in Thailand have found a way to identify and convert harmful chemicals into benign products in a single reaction.

Agent Orange Contamination Persists In Vietnam, Study Shows

Toxic byproducts of Agent Orange continue to pollute the environment in Vietnam, say researchers in the US.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine Laden With Mercury

High levels of toxic methylmercury are found in traditional Tibetan medicine, say Chinese scientists.

Bacteria Spews Cyanide To Fend Off Predators

A team of scientists in South Korea have revealed how one bacterium inhibits predators with cyanide.

A Sticky Situation Of Triclosan And Toothbrushes

Scientists have found that the antimicrobial compound triclosan sticks to toothbrushes, with implications for health, antibiotic resistance and environmental leaching.

Understanding Venoms From Genomes

By analyzing the genomes of the Taiwan and Sakishima pit vipers, scientists in Japan have gained an understanding into how venoms evolve.

The Risks Of Consuming Adulterated Chinese Medicine

Scientists in Hong Kong have demonstrated that proprietary Chinese medicines contain a range of substances that can have adverse effects on health.

Treating Nerve Damage Caused By Neurotoxins

Scientists in China have identified two drugs that reduce the impact of nerve damage caused by insecticides and chemical weapons.

A Simple Way To Detect Neurotoxic Chemicals

Researchers in Japan have tested a simpler and cheaper method to detect neurotoxic contaminants in water.