top500 list

Striking A Balance Between Performance And Efficiency

Given environmental concerns, supercomputers shouldn’t just be fast—they have to be efficient too. Here’s how supercomputing is moving towards a greener future.

The View From The TOP500

The TOP500 list may have begun almost as an accident, but it has nonetheless come to shape the way we think about supercomputers. Supercomputing Asia catches up with the co-originator of the list, Jack Dongarra, to find out more about its past, present and future.

China’s Homegrown 100 Pflops Supercomputer Leads Top500 List

China’s Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer, which can achieve a peak performance of up to 125 petaflops, is officially the world's fastest.

China’s Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Ranked World’s Fastest

A supercomputer developed by Chinese researchers has been named the world's fastest.