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Health Monitoring Patch Wirelessly Powered By Your Smartphone (VIDEO)

Researchers have developed a stretchable, battery-free health monitoring patch that can be laminated onto the skin and operated using wirelessly transmitted power.

Stacked Electrodes To Make Solar Cells Wearable

Wearable solar cells are now one step closer to reality with the development of flexible and efficient solar cells based on stacked electrodes.

Gold Nanoshells Help Deliver Cancer Drugs

Gold nanoshells capable of delivering drugs specifically to cancer cells have been created by researchers in China.

Monash Grants Honorary Degrees In China

Monash University has conferred honorary degrees on five distinguished scientists, researchers, business leaders and educators.

Home Cooking, Traffic Are Main Sources Of Soot From China

Researchers have identified the main sources of air pollution that spreads from China to other parts of East Asia.