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Ultrasound Exposure: Making Waves In Depression Treatment

Ultrasound exposure could potentially reduce depression symptoms, reveals a study in rodents by Japanese researchers

Revealing The Mechanism Of Trauma-Induced Anxiety

Researchers in Japan have identified potential signalling pathways involved in traumatic memory retrieval and subsequent anxiety responses

Asian Scientist Magazine’s January 2021 Roundup

Starting the year with surprising uses for human waste in space and ancient worm fossils, here are five of Asian Scientist Magazine’s top pieces from January 2021.

Catching Criminals By A Hair’s Breadth

Criminals, watch out! Scientists from Japan have developed a new forensics technique to better identify lawbreakers with just a single strand of dyed hair.

Transforming Earth’s Trash Into Space’s Treasure

Converting human waste into liquid fertilizer may be the key to growing food in space, find researchers from Japan.

Crafting A Cancer Killer

Given cancer’s many faces, scientists from Japan are tapping onto novel techniques to synthesize new drugs against the disease.

Flattening The Complexity Of Quantum Circuits

By arranging qubits in a pseudo two-dimensional array, scientists have simplified the construction of quantum computers.

Opioids May Help Patients With PTSD

Scientists from Japan have demonstrated that delta opioid receptor agonists may be useful for treating anxiety disorders such as phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fungus-Derived Antibiotic Fielded Against MRSA

A research group in Japan has modified an antimicrobial compound obtained from a fungus and demonstrated its utility against hard-to-treat infections.

Mom, Is That You?

A research group in Japan has found that babies are only able to recognize the side view of faces after six months of age.