tokyo institute of technology

Manipulating Materials On The Quantum Scale

With the help of tiny scaffolds called dendrimers, researchers from Japan have developed a new way to precisely control the production of quantum-sized materials.

AI Boosts Biomaterials Design

Machine learning can now predict the properties of hypothetical materials with great accuracy, paving the way for AI-enabled materials design.

Akira Kouchi & Naohiro Yoshida Win 2020 Miyake Prize

Two Japanese researchers have been awarded the 2020 Miyake Prize, which honors outstanding contributions in the field of materials science or earth and planetary science.

Getting A Grip On Robot-Assisted Surgery

Surgeon's fatigue during robot-assisted surgery could become a thing of the past with a controller developed by scientists in Japan.

Illuminating The Conversion Of Methane To Synthesis Gas

Researchers in Japan are one step closer to an eco-friendly catalyst for converting methane into useful gases.

Carbon Nanotubes Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

Carbon nanotubes improve the stability and performance of perovskite solar cells, say scientists in Japan.

Diving Deep Into The Mystery Of How Life Began

A research team in Japan has demonstrated that electrochemical reactions can spontaneously occur in or near hydrothermal vent environments to generate the building blocks of life.

‘Frankenbodies’ Light Up Live Cells

A research group in Japan has created hybrid antibodies that can bind to and label specific targets in living cells.

How Pluto And Other Trans-Neptune Objects Formed

Computer simulations modeling the formation of trans-Neptunian objects could help us understand how the entire Solar System came about.

Surveillance Drones Can Now Transmit 4K Video

Criminals beware; millimeter wave communication means that surveillance drones can now transmit high-resolution video in real-time.