thermoelectric devices

The Power Of Waste Heat

Scientists from South Korea used 3D printing to develop thermoelectric inks, which helped design tubes that can convert waste heat into electricity.

A Flexible Way To Convert Waste Heat To Electricity

Researchers in Japan have engineered an inexpensive flexible material which could help harvest heat energy that would otherwise be lost.

Superlattice ‘Sandwich’ Converts Wasted Heat To Electricity

Researchers in Japan and Taiwan have designed a superlattice that has double the thermoelectric conversion rate of previous methods.

Tiny Thermometer Measures Minute Fluctuations

A research team in Japan has developed a thermometer that can measure rapid changes in temperature at the nanoscale.

Generating Electricity From Temperature Fluctuations

Scientists in Japan have devised a thermoelectric battery that can convert heat into electricity even with a shallow temperature gradient.

An Electrifying Way To Harness Heat

Scientists in Japan have created a material that can produce electricity using the heat at ambient temperatures.

Whisker Crystals Enable Cooling Without Coolants

One-dimensional crystals with very high thermoelectric efficiency could make ultra-low temperature cooling more practical.

This Paint Can Turn Heat Into Electricity

Researchers have developed a thermoelectric paint that can convert almost any surface into an electricity generating one.