Record Dengue Season Predicted In Thailand

With more than 40 deaths and almost 40,000 cases of dengue fever reported in Thailand so far this year, health experts are warning this could be the largest-ever epidemic.

Thailand’s Ambitious 30 Baht Healthcare Program Cut Infant Mortality

Providing money to Thai public hospitals to care for the poor helped reduce infant mortality by as much as 30 percent, even though medical care is already free for the poor.

Double Dose Of Tamiflu No More Effective In Severe Flu, Study

Double doses of the antiviral drug Tamiflu to patients with severe flu offers no clinical advantage over the standard dose, says a new study.

Is The Asian Space Science Drive Harming Development?

Are the large sums of money invested into building prestigious space programs diverting funding from key areas such as health and education?

WWF Report Highlights Diversity Loss In Mekong Region

The Greater Mekong risks losing more than a third of its remaining forest cover within the next two decades, warns a new WWF report.

Lead Levels In Rice Cause For Concern, Study

Rice imported into the United States from certain countries contains levels of lead that could pose health risks, according to a new study.

Mekong Region Facing Six Degree-Warming, Climate Extremes

Temperatures in South-East Asia's Lower Mekong Basin are set to rise by up to three times the global average temperature increase, according to a USAID-funded study.

Three-Quarters Of Asia-Pacific Nations ‘Lack Water Security’

About 75 percent of emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region suffer from low levels of water security, according to a new Asian Development Bank study.

Funding Tertiary Education In Southeast Asia And Beyond

Many countries in Southeast Asia are finding it difficult to pay for the expansion of their higher education sector, writes Bruce Chapman.