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This Fungus Borrowed From Bacteria To Break The Mold

A common fungus developed the ability to sense gravity by remodeling a gene it acquired from bacteria.

Shedding Light On Bacterial Infections

Scientists have replaced blood agar plates with flurophores for detecting hemolytic bacteria.

Singaporean Scientist Wins ASEAN Award For Rice Research

Dr. Yin Zhongcao has received the Outstanding Rice Scientist of Singapore Award at the ASEAN Rice Science and Technology Ambassadors Awards held in the Philippines.

How To Make Zebrafish Switch Sex

Scientists have found that the number of primordial germ cells regulates the gonadal switch in zebrafish.

Bridging The Gaps In Asian Vaccine Development

Countries in Asia hope that home-grown, locally manufactured vaccines will meet domestic needs, but considerable challenges stand in the way, say experts and industry leaders at the World Vaccine Congress Asia.