Follow The Money

Forget speed; 5G is really about transforming the way business is done, says Huawei’s chief technology officer Paul Scanlan.

Surveillance Drones Can Now Transmit 4K Video

Criminals beware; millimeter wave communication means that surveillance drones can now transmit high-resolution video in real-time.

Weaving Technology Into The Songket Supply Chain

An international team of researchers suggests that technology could help reduce the exploitation of traditional weavers in Malaysia.

Fiber Optics Pioneer Charles Kao Dies At 84 (In Memoriam)

Professor Charles Kao pioneered the development of optic fiber technology for which he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics.

CNIC And China UniCom To Build 5G Technology Joint Lab

The joint laboratory will perform research on edge computing, network slicing, the Internet of Things and industrial Internet, among other 5G-related technologies.

Quantum Communication Goes Intercontinental

Combining the Micius satellite’s capabilities with metropolitan quantum networks, Chinese scientists have securely transmitted images and video between China and Austria.

IEEE Milestone Awarded To Yasuto Mushiake

Mushiake’s discovery of self-complementary geometries in 1948 ushered in the golden age of television broadcasting.

Helping Smartphone Cameras Find Their Bearings

Scientists have identified a software glitch that causes document photos to be wrongly oriented.

PolyU & Huawei Set Up Joint Lab

The first joint laboratory of high-capacity optical communications and advanced computing systems in Hong Kong has been launched.