technology transfer

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Jordi Ràfols Of Innoget

By creating a virtual meeting point in the marketplace of ideas, Innoget hopes to support open innovation with a network of startups and industry players.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Ho S. Lee Of DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

DeltaTech-Korea Ltd enables businesses that wish to tap into the South Korean market, which is known for its vast test bedding capabilities, through open innovation and cross-border collaborations.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Hitoshi Yoshino Of Japan IP Network

With their expertise and wide network in technology and commercial domains, Japan IP Network supports overseas businesses that wish to realize their potential in the Japanese market through open innovation.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Maoi Arroyo

Biologist by training and entrepreneur by spirit, Maoi Arroyo aspires to build a strong biotechnology ecosystem in the Philippines.

Jui Lim Appointed As Incoming SGInnovate CEO

A medical doctor by training, Dr. Jui Lim brings over two decades of experience in innovation, research commercialization and investment to SGInnovate.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Dr Alfred Tan Of The Hong Kong Baptist University

Through its competitive funding schemes and professional support, the Hong Kong Baptist University's Knowledge Transfer Office spurs open innovation in China’s Greater Bay Area.

How A Leap Of Faith Can Take Science Forward

A new study by SMU Associate Professor Reddi Kotha reveals that language choices alone can influence whether inventors receive financial backing from their organizations.

Getting Smart about Energy Grid 2.0

Two consortia have been officially launched to spearhead efforts in commercialising technology for smarter energy and heat management.

Talk To A TechExpert Today

In the highly-regulated medical device sector, industry veterans on IPI’s TechExpert platform can help inventors and entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities for growth.

Bridging Minds And Building Networks

Whether you are a business owner looking to stay ahead of the curve or an inventor with the next big thing, meet your match at TechInnovation 2018.