Decaf Tea Found In The Wild

Scientists have identified a naturally decaffeinated tea plant in the mountains of southern China.

Tea Tree Genome Sequenced

Chinese scientists have sequenced the genome of the tea tree, unraveling clues about how one leaf produces many flavors.

Very Hot Drinks Are Probably Carcinogenic, Study Finds (VIDEO)

The temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, appears to be responsible for an increased risk of esophageal cancer.

Drinking Caffeine (In Moderation!) May Support A Healthy Liver

To all the caffeine lovers of the world, researchers at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School may have some good news for you.

Will Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Evidence shows that green tea extract in tandem with an additional compound could be effective for body weight control and type 2 diabetes.

Green Tea, Coffee May Lower Stroke Risk, Study

A daily dose of tea and coffee may help to cut the risk of stroke by 20 percent, says a new study.

Green Tea May Help Lower Blood Sugar Spikes, Study

An ingredient in green tea that helps reduce blood sugar spikes in mice may lead to new diet strategies for people, according to new research.

Green Tea May Protect Against Effects Of Parkinson’s Disease, Study

Scientists from the National University of Singapore report that a green tea component may protect against the neurodegenerative effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Brain Doping: A Quiet Revolution

The use of ‘smart drugs,’ or nootropics, to enhance mental performance is becoming more widespread, writes Zaria Gorvett. But should we be prescribing them to our military... and children?

A Cup Of Tea A Day, Keeps High Blood Pressure Away

A cup of tea everyday may reduce your blood pressure and lower the risk of getting heart disease, experts say.