tai chi

Tai Chi Reduces Stress & Inflammation

A randomized clinical trial has shown that Tai Chi can help lonely adults cope better with stress as well as dampen inflammatory responses.

Tai Chi Helps People With Chronic Disease

Chinese mind-body movement therapy based on Tai Chi and Qigong could offer health benefits for people with chronic conditions.

Mind-Body Exercises Benefit Emotional Health: Hong Kong Study

Mind-body exercises such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Yoga not only improve physical fitness but also alleviate mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, according to a study.

Tai Chi As Exercise Therapy In COPD Patients

Tai Chi may be a useful form of exercise therapy for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to new findings.

Who Says The Disabled Cannot Practice Tai Chi?

Researchers have developed a 13 posture Tai Chi program for the disabled, transforming the wheelchair from an assistive device to a tool of empowerment and artistic expression.

Tai Chi Improves Balance Control Of Visually Impaired Older People, Study

Research carried out in Hong Kong on people over the age of 70 has shown that practicing Tai Chi improves the balance control of older people with visual impairment

Green Tea, Tai Chi May Be Beneficial After Menopause

Tea has for generations been an integral infusion worldwide, carrying both epicurean and economic significance. But does it impart health benefits?