Rice Husk Could Replace Heavy Metals In LEDs

The world’s first quantum dot LEDs made from recycled rice husks are shining a light on developing environmentally sustainable LED displays, report researchers in Japan.

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Transforming Food Waste Into Wonder

Creative techniques that repurpose food waste into a range of valuable products are giving even fruit peels and fish scales a new lease on life.
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All-women Philippine Team Wins UNESCO Sustainable Engineering Hackathon

WONDERPETS from the Philippines devised a sustainable way to reduce water pollution. We are celebrating their UNESCO hackathon victory today on International Women's Day.
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Smart Packaging To Keep Food Fresh For Longer

A smart food packaging material with antimicrobial properties, developed by a Singaporean-American team, could extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Extracting New Worth From Food Waste

Novel valorization technologies could help industrial food producers reduce waste and turn it into high-value products. Download our white paper to find out more.

TechInnovation 2021 To Showcase Sustainable Solutions

IPI’s flagship technology brokerage event will spotlight the latest global sustainability solutions from 28 to 30 September 2021.

Turning Tamarind Shells Into Energy Stores

No longer relegated to the trash bins, tamarind fruit shells can be converted into carbon nanosheets used in energy storage devices.
Chee Zhi Kin, food sustainability

Sprouting Food Sustainability In Urban Farms (VIDEO)

Thanks to City Sprouts’ urban farming initiatives, Singapore’s food sustainability movement is growing from the ground up, says co-founder Chee Zhi Kin.

Creating Sustainable Cities By Design (VIDEO)

Through sustainable design, Professor Jason Pomeroy blends creativity and research to create architectural feats at minimal cost to the planet.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s April 2021 Roundup

Celebrate the region’s best scientists and their trailblazing efforts through Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from April 2021.