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Food For Thought: Technologies Transforming The Food Supply Chain

These five innovations are taking root in Asia to make the food supply chain speedier and more sustainable.

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Fighting Food Fraud

To intercept future food scandals in Asia and the world, innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence could prevent fraud and reduce anxiety about what’s really on our plates.
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Smart Packaging To Keep Food Fresh For Longer

A smart food packaging material with antimicrobial properties, developed by a Singaporean-American team, could extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

To Tackle Child Labor, Start With Consumers

A new study by SMU Assistant Professor Fang Xin finds evidence that educating consumers about the social impact of their purchases can help reduce child labour in global supply chains.

New Kids On The Block(chain)

After years spent in the shadow of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is finally coming into its own.

Greening The Supply Chain One Business Model At A Time

Making the global supply chain more sustainable requires a fundamental re-evaluation of how companies do business, says SMU Assistant Professor Buket Avci.

NUS & Georgia Tech Launch Center For Next-Gen Logistics

The newly launched Center for Next Generation Logistics will receive US$0.88 million over the next two years to establish its research capabilities.