Supercapacitors Stabilized By Graphene Mesosponges

A continuous three-dimensional framework of graphene known as a mesosponge can be used to make supercapacitors more stable.

Building A Better Battery

Next-generation batteries will power the future of renewable energy, say the founders of Singapore-based ultracapacitor startup Involt.

A Wearable Battery You Can Fold And Stretch

A team of scientists in Singapore has developed a customizable supercapacitor that can be used as a power source for wearable devices.

Electricity Generation With A Twist

By twisting carbon nanotubes into highly elastic supercoiled structures, scientists have created yarns that generate electricity when stretched or twisted.

Leaf-Inspired Power Packs A Punch

In the future, consumer devices could be powered by solid state micro-supercapacitors instead of lithium batteries.