super resolution microscopy

Zooming In On Glucose Transport

Using super-resolution imaging, scientists in China have obtained the structure of the GLUT1 protein at nanometer resolution.

The Yin And Yang Of Balance In The Brain

Scientists in Hong Kong have identified two proteins that are involved in maintaining the balance between excitation and inhibition in the brain.

Enabling High Resolution Imaging Over Time

C-Naphox is a newly developed fluorescent dye that outlasts conventional fluorescent dyes in repeated live cell STED imaging.

Microfabricated Mirrors For 3D Super-Resolution Microscopy

Microfabricated mirror wells could help turn ordinary inverted microscopes into super-resolution, 3D imagers.

The Anti-Inflammatory Receptor Tag Team

Super resolution microscopy has revealed the receptors involved in IL-37 signaling, paving the way for new anti-inflammatory therapies.