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Brace For The Drier Spells

Longer and intense droughts are predicted to be more prevalent in Southeast Asia

Powering Through The Pandemic With Supercomputers

By performing trillions of calculations per second, supercomputers are accelerating COVID-19 diagnosis and the development of test kits and vaccines to help scientists combat the pandemic.

Eradicating Gastric Cancer With Iridium

Researchers in China have developed a novel drug that could help diagnose and treat gastric cancer.

Type 1 Diabetes On The Rise In China

New research reveals a rise in the number of Chinese being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, with adults accounting for most of the new cases.

AI Matches Doctors’ Ability To Diagnose Rare Eye Disease

An artificial intelligence platform called CC-Cruiser has proven to be as effective as human doctors in diagnosing congenital cataracts.

Researchers Find Strong Genetic Risk Factor For Kidney Disease

A strong genetic risk factor exists for IgA nephropathy, the most common inflammatory kidney disease worldwide.

3D Technology On Your Smartphone, Without The Headaches

The super multi-view system could be key to adapting 3D technology for small devices such as smartphones—with minimal viewer discomfort.

Using Microbiota Composition To Predict Tooth Decay In Children

Tracking oral microbiota in young in children could help predict and prevent dental cavities.

How The Grass Carp Went Vegetarian

The draft genome suggests that differences in the mevalonate pathway and steroid biosynthesis in liver aided the grass carp's transition from a carnivorous to a herbivorous diet.

Embryo Editing Paper Stirs Scientific Controversy

Hot on the heels of a call for a moratorium, researchers in China have successfully edited the genome of human embryos.