subaru telescope

Subaru Telescope Snaps Pictures Of Nearly 2,000 Supernovae

Scientists in Japan have identified about 1,800 new supernovae using the Subaru Telescope equipped with an 870 megapixel digital camera.

Blazar Identified As Source Of High-Energy Neutrino

An international team of scientists has found the origin of a ultra-high energy neutrino that was first detected in September 2017.

The Subaru Telescope Prepares Jupiter For Its Closeup

Images of Jupiter’s surface taken with the Subaru Telescope have helped researchers to plan a mission to take detailed images of the planet’s mysterious Great Red Spot.

Students Discover Gravitational Lens Dubbed ‘Eye Of Horus’

Students and astronomers at a Subaru Telescope workshop made the discovery by accident while analyzing some data.

3D Map Of 3,000 Distant Galaxies Prove Einstein Right

Einstein’s hundred year old theory of relativity still holds, according to a 3D map of 3,000 galaxies 13 billion light years from Earth.

Fast Radio Bursts Solve The Mystery Of The Missing Matter

Scientists have detected a fast radio burst coming from a galaxy billions of light years away, helping to confirm the presence of previously ‘missing’ matter.

Sun-Like Stars Emit Huge Superflares

The finding that Sun-like stars release superflares raises the possibility that the Sun might cause geomagentic storms on Earth.

Supernovae Confirmed As Major Lithium Producers

The lithium in our smart phones may have come from the explosion of novae.

The Chemical Signature Of The Birth of The Stars

Scientists discover a star with a chemical composition similar to the first stars to form after the big bang.