Plants Scream When Stressed

A new study reveals that plants emit ultrasonic sounds when they are dehydrated. Next step is to understand how insects interact with these sounds.

Stress Might Be Making Your Jaw Pop

Stress linked TMJ disorders are rising but there seem to be little awareness about the condition in the medical community.

Finding Peace Among The (Vertical) Plants

Need to relax? Looking at vertical greenery might just do the trick, say scientists from Singapore.

Serotonin Crucial For Energy Production In Neurons

Scientists in India have found that serotonin triggers the generation of mitochondria in neurons.

Snow Monkeys Take Hot Baths To Destress

Taking hot spring baths during winter reduces the levels of stress hormones in Japanese macaques, researchers say.

A Single Traumatic Incident Could Change The Brain’s Architecture

A single traumatic experience can cause changes to the amygdala in rats, resulting in behavior similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Even A Brief Period Of Stress Could Affect Memory: Study

Aside from memory loss, the hippocampus or 'memory center' in the brains of rats shrank after just three days of chronic stress.

Brain Slices Show That Stress Messes Up Your Memory

A study in an in vitro system has shown that stress interferes with the development of new synapses required for new memories to form.

Stress Cost Of A New Baby = US$85,000

Diapers and milk powder aside, a new baby can cost mothers US$85,000 in terms of time stress, study calculates.

Stress And The City

Stress manifests itself in physical symptoms more often than we would like.