stem cells

Stem Cell Therapy Could Help Restore Vision

Researchers from Singapore and Sweden have developed a potentially viable stem cell therapy approach in preclinical models that can help replace lost photoreceptors.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Sham Mai Har

After navigating a career full of surprising opportunities, Chinese University of Hong Kong Pro-Vice-Chancellor Sham Mai Har is now building a research culture that empowers rising scientists.

World First: Researchers Create Human-Monkey Embryos

Despite their controversial nature, human-monkey embryos could pave the way for a better understanding of cell communication and transplantable organs on-demand.

Nuts & Bolts—More Than Just Skin Deep

New and improved technologies for the beauty, healthcare and wearable tech industries.

Asia’s Big Biomedical Bet Pays Off

From performing outsourced research and manufacturing generics, Asia's biomedical researchers are now among the world's most innovative.

Giving Cell-Based Seafood The Shiok Factor (VIDEO)

Instead of farming meat from animals, Dr. Ling Ka Yi and her team at Shiok Meats are harvesting animal-free crustacean meats from cells.

Harvesting Healing Factors From Stem Cells

Using a soft hydrogel, scientists in Singapore have found a way to induce stem cells to secrete large amounts of healing factors.

Maximizing The Potential Of Induced Stem Cells

Researchers in Japan and the US have discovered a way to reprogram mature cells into stem cells that can transform into all cell types of the body, including the placenta.

How To Mend A Heart: Use Two Types Of Stem Cells

Researchers in Hong Kong have discovered that a combination of stem cells promotes better healing of the heart.

Cancer Stem Cells Addicted to Methionine, Study Shows

Singapore researchers have discovered that cancer stem cells consume the amino acid methionine much faster than it can be generated, and this vulnerability could be exploited for cancer treatment.