Professor Su Guaning Elected To The US’ National Academy Of Engineering

NTU Singapore president emeritus Professor Su Guaning was recognized for his academic leadership and contributions to regional security.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ho Weang Kee

In a bid to reduce breast cancer mortality, Associate Professor Ho Weang Kee is developing a tool to catch the disease early.

An Asian Scientist Abroad: Alan Aw

Asian Scientist Magazine caught up with our first-ever intern, Mr. Alan Aw, on his recent scientific publications and his aspirations for the future.

When Writers Take On Numbers

Science writers, don’t be afraid to question the statistical interpretations you read in scientific journal articles—researchers are as intimidated by them as you are.

Two In Three Deaths Go Unreported

80 percent of the world's population does not have reliable cause of death statistics, but mobile technology improve the situation, scientists say.

Scientists Unknowingly Tweak Experiments

Although fairly common, p-hacking nonetheless probably does not drastically alter scientific consensus, scientists say.