spinal cord injury

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Liu Kai

Could we one day help those with spinal cord injuries walk again? This month’s rising scientist Assistant Professor Liu Kai is working on it!

Lipids Guide Pain Neurons Into Spinal Cord

Pain-sensing neurons are guided to their rightful place by lipids secreted by supporting cells in the spinal cord.

Mouse Spinal Nerves Regrown After One Year

Inhibiting the proteins PTEN has helped mice regenerate corticospinal tract neurons even one year after injury.

Peking University Collaborates With Canada On Spinal Injury Research

An extension of an earlier agreement in 2011, the new collaboration will focus on applying accredited standards to the rehabilitation of patients with spinal injury.

Clinical Study Blocks Protein To Treat Spinal Cord Injury

Researchers in Australia will begin clinical trials for spinal cord injury by blocking a protein called EphA4.