Germ Cells Decide Why Women Outlive Men

Blocking reproductive cells in female killifish reduced their lifespan, found a study from Japan.

New Research Advances Treatment Of Male Infertility

Researchers from Japan unveil a key mechanism of sperm maturation in mice models that can potentially be targeted to develop safe male contraceptives.

Sperm Frozen For 15 Years Still Lead To Live Births

A large sperm bank study shows that sperm frozen for up to 15 years have a live birth success rate comparable to sperm frozen for only a short time.

How Sperm Home In On Eggs

Researchers have identified a calcium transporter on the cell membranes of sperm that plays a role in sperm mobility.

Switching It Up: How Sex Role-Reversed Insects Store More Semen

A tiny switching valve in the female penis of the Brazilian cave insect Neotrogla allows the creatures to store multiple sperm capsules, say researchers in Japan.

Taurine Required To Keep Sperm In Tip-Top Shape

A lack of taurine changes the shape of sperm, impairing their motility and resulting in infertility.

Extending The Life-Span Of Frozen Sperm

Scientists in Japan have developed a cold preservation technology that keeps refrigerated mouse sperm alive for up to ten days.

Air Pollution Linked To Lower Sperm Quality

An international team of scientists have demonstrated that prolonged exposure to particulate matter in the air could affect sperm quality.

Reprogramming ‘Fixes’ Trisomic Sperm

Cells with extra sex chromosomes can be reprogrammed to create sperm with the correct number of chromosomes that can give rise to healthy offspring.

Graphene Oxide Protects Sperm From Ice

Just a small amount of graphene oxide is sufficient to prevent ice crystals from forming, thereby protecting sperm during cryopreseveration.