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Prenatal DNA Tests Yield Population-Level Insights

Scientists in China have used prenatal testing samples to carry out the largest genetic study in China to date.

Glowing Molecules 3x More Efficient Than LEDs

The metal-free phosphorescent molecules glow three times as brightly as LEDs at room temperature.

Nanocrystallized ‘Glass’ Could Shield Spacecraft From UV Radiation

This nanocrystallized glass effectively absorbs UV rays and can withstand radiation for long periods of time.

China & Singapore Strengthen Ties With Joint Research Institute

The four-party agreement will look into sustainable urban development, next-generation electric vehicles and intelligent urban transportation systems, among other research areas.

Is Burning Incense Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes?

By analyzing components of burning smoke from incense and cigarettes, scientists have found that burning incense may release more toxic compounds than previously known.

Coding Variants Not Major Determinant Of Psoriasis Risk, Study

Scientists have found that gene variants representing protein-coding changes may play only a small part in the genetic risk for psoriasis.

The Danger Of Having Too Few Gut Bacteria

An international team of scientists have found that having too few gut bacteria is associated with increased risk of obesity and diabetes.

Blood Pressure Drugs May Treat Chronic Pain, Study

A new study has opened up the possibility that existing drugs for high blood pressure could also be used to treat chronic pain.

New Method Reveals Subtle Structural Variations In Human Genomes

Scientists at BGI have developed a novel whole-genome de novo assembly strategy to map structural variations in individual human genomes.